Тэги template


Разместил Victor 03.03.2011, 13:59, Раздел: Дополнения

Stash позволяет спрятать текст и фрагменты кода для повторного использования в шаблоне.

Valid URL

Разместил Станислав 23.09.2010, 19:50, Раздел: Дополнения

Генерирует URL валидный для XHTML.
Например из: bar/bat?=bag&mice=men!


Разместил artics 17.09.2010, 12:55, Раздел: Дополнения

Modifies IMG and INPUT tags for MSIE5+ browsers to ensure that PNG-24 transparencies are displayed correctly. Replaces original SRC attribute with a binary transparent PNG file (spacer.png) that is located in the same directory as the orignal image, and adds the STYLE attribute needed to for the browser. (Matching is case-insensitive. However, the width attribute should come before height. Also replaces code for PNG images specified as backgrounds via: background-image: url(image.png); or background-image: url(‘image.png’); When using PNG images in the background, there is no need to use a spacer.png image. (Only supports inline CSS at this point.)

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