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Publish Tweeks

Разместил artics 17.09.2010, 16:18, Раздел: Дополнения

Publish Tweeks alters the publish/edit page to streamline it for your users. It removes the “Quick Save” and “Preview” buttons when publishing. It also cancels the redirect to the preview after saving and keeps the user on the edit screen.

Publish Improve

Разместил artics 17.09.2010, 13:46, Раздел: Дополнения

Removes the ‘Quick Save’ button, adds a ‘Save as a Copy’ button to each entry, allows the use of the ‘tab’ key when editing templates, and makes many other small but powerful improvements to the control panel.


Разместил artics 17.09.2010, 13:20, Раздел: Дополнения

QuickSave modifies EE2’s standard entry saving behavior, returning you to the edit entry page instead of displaying the preview page. The extension also lets you add a ‘Publish and Close’ button and/or a ‘Publish and Preview’ button alongside the standard entry submit button.

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