Разное Список дополнений к ExpressionEngine

Список дополнений к ExpressionEngine

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ExpressionEngine Addons на момент 9 мая 2008г. Впечатляет.


А вы говорите для ExpressionEngine мало дополнений )


Accessible Captcha
Activation Redirect
Add Sitename
Admin Section With Tabs
Advanced Captcha
Auto Collapse Empty Custom Fields
Avatar With Register
Bad Behavior
Blind Date
Bystrom Pagination Extension
Categories Pagination
Category Checkboxes
CERIAS Authentication Extension
Clone Entries
CM Strange URL Interpreter
CM Template Editor
CM Textarea Resizer
Constant Contact
Comment Spam Prevention
Comment Text Format
Commenter User Agent
Commit submit - status
Communicate Settings
CoolLocation Extension
Custom Download Count
Custom Field Limiter
Custom Fields in EE Tags
Count Alias
Disable pMachine News Feed
Download Count
Duplicate Entry
Easyopen Entry
Edit Alert
Edit Remember
Edit Tab AJAX
Empty Drop-down List Option
Exifier Extension for Forum
Ez Count Alias
Ez Edit Menu
FCKeditor Extension for EE
Shift’s FCKEditor Extension for EE
Field Header
Freeform Spam
File Type Templates
Filter By Author
Filter By Rank
Foreign Character Extension
Form Tag Encoder
Freeform character parsing
Gallery dropdown
Gallery Entry Tag to Show Children
Google-Yahoo! Sitemap Ping
Hidden Weblogs
Hide Smileys
Character count
Invisible CAPTCHA
Landing Page
Language Switcher
Link Entry from Control Panel to Your Site
Live Link
Live Search
Login Redirect
Logout Redirect
LG Add Sitename
LG Better Meta
LG File Manager
LG Image Manager
LG Member Form Customiser
LG Member List
LG Multi Language
LG Slovak
LG TinyMCE Custom Field
LG Twitter
MemberGroup Update
MH File
Mint Cookie Tag
Multi Drop-down List
Multi Relationship
Multiple Newsletters
Nested Weblogs
Primary Category
Publish Form
Publish Page Improvements
Publishers Clearinghouse
Register Birthday
Remove ‘Modules’ Tab
Remove ‘My Account’ Tab
Remove ‘Sites’ Tab
Restrict Entries
SAEF Mail Confirmation
Safe Encode
SAEF Redirect
Show Entry Views
Simple Translator
Simple Uploader
Simplify Edit Table
Static Fields
Stand-Alone Image Editor
Tab Forward
Template Edit Date
Template Images
Text - Improved
Textile Editor Helper (TEH)
TinyMCE Extension for EE
Upload pic
Upload one pic
User Authors
Use YUI text editor with wiki (YUI)
User Group Extension (expire Users)
User Registration Redirect
View Entry Preview
WysiwygPRO Extension for EE
Xinha Extension for EE



Acronym Management

For marking closed comments as spam or ham

Creates a link to a dynamically generated sound-file (Wave or MP3) which will spell the CAPTCHAs created by ExpressionEngine.

Blacklist and whitelist module

Blogger API
Blogger API Module

User commenting system

Fully featured, flexible e-commerce system by

Custom groups
Custom groups displaying

Download Lock
Force downloads, limit download access by membership or member group

Easy Gallery
Gallery and Images modules allows each entry to become an image gallery

Flickr API

Polling Module

User Email Module

Emoticon (smiley) module

Entry Rating
Simple entry rating system

Ez Rate
Very basic rating module

Members save their favorite entries.

File Manager
Module to upload and delete files on the server

File Upload
Stand-alone file upload module

Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum Module

Open-ended form engine

Fresh Variables
Control Panel managed early-parsed global template variables

File Type Templates
Reformats links to non-image files using templates.

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery Module

Photo Gallery Extended Photo Gallery Extended Module

IP to Nation
Utility for associating IP addresses with their country

Keyword tagging module

LG Polls
Add polling to Expression Engine

LG Social Bookmarks
Add social bookmarking links to any weblog post

AJAX Linktracker
An unobtrusive Link-/Download-Tracker. Tracks any links that have an ID assigned to them.

Mailing List
Mailing List Manager

Member management system

Metaweblog API
Metaweblog API Module

Moblogging Module

Navigation management module

Notify Comment Author
Send an email to the comment author if comment state changes

Uses Weblog Entries to make Static pages

SQL query module for templates

Flexible entry rating module

Custom ordering of entries

Referrer tracking module

RSS page generating module

Search module

Selected Items
Create arbitrary groups of items

Simple Commerce
Simple, Flexible Commerce Module

Simple Tag
Provides template functions for the Simple Tags extension

Statistics display module

Content tagging module

Bulk generate files for every template in the system.

Title Images
Replaces post title with php-generated images

Trackback module

Updated Sites
Allows other sites to ping you.

User functions module

Weblog module

A Powerful, Integrated Wiki module



Selected 1.0.0
Flexible method of establishing selected states of stuff.

CSVGrab (v.0.11)
Allows you to import data from a CVS feed and into a weblog

Gallery Categoree (v.1.1.0)
Gallery Categoree - Get various photo gallery category information, including the list of the sub-categories

LG Better Meta (v.1.4.2)
Renders the Meta Template from the LG Better Meta configuration to your templates

Delete Entries (v.1.0)
Allows a user to delete their entries outside of the control panel.

PHP (v.1.0.0)
PHP in templates, plugin style

Acronym (v.1.0)
Replaces common acronyms with a dotted underline, description, and help cursor. Based on v2.6 of the Acronym Plugin for Wordpress found at and the Replace String EE plugin located at

Descriptive Date (v.1.0)
Returns a descriptive English tense word of a timestamp relative to the current time

Age Calculator (v.1.0)
Calculates someones age given a birth date

Domain Extract (v.1.0)
Extract domain from a complete or incomplete URL

pirate (v.1.0)
Translates text into pirate

Allow EE Code (v.1.0.3)
Allows ExpressionEngine code to be used in entries

Drop Caps (v.1.0)
Replaces first letter of text with graphic representation.

png4ie (v.0.9)
Adds the required IE code to display inline PNGs

Allow PHP (v.1.0)
Treats the text inside the tags as PHP

Email Encode (v.1.0)
A plugin to ascii encode email addresses in any text

Popup Handler (v.1.0)
Popups in SAEFs

Ampersand (v.1)
Ampersand Encoding plugin.

Entry Linker (v.1.0)
Allows disabling of the in-category behaviour of entry linking in the Gallery module. Also allows ordering of entries by title

Paragraph to
Swaps paragraph tags with

Archive Bar Graph (v.1.0)
Displays a bar graph showing monthly posts and comments. Requires the GD library.

VG Entry Data (v.0.6)
Lets you grab entry data without using {exp:weblog:entries}

RepEEt (v.1.0.6)
Helps display repeating events

AroundNow (v.0.03)
Figure out NOW so you can show future events only

Exif (v.1.01)
Gives the EXIF data for a given jpeg

LG Multi Language (v.1.0.0)
Translates phrases to the chosen language

URL and Email Auto-linker (v.1.0)
Automatically links URLs within text

External Links (v.1.1)
A plugin to apply CSS classes to external links

Sortee (v.1.0)
Sort items and add grouping headings

Auto Glossary (v.1.1)
Creates a glossary of abbreviations and acronyms

Extract URL (v.1.0)
Extracts the URL from a given source

Title (v.1.1)
Plugin to quickly retrieve a title from an entry, category, weblog or site

Blogger Listing (v.1.11)
Creates a list of bloggers and associated info, great for gang blogs, very configurable.

Extract URL Plus (v.1.3.1)
Extract a URL, and get information about it.

Blogtimes for Expression Engine (v.1.0)
Displays a graph representing post times for current month. Requires GD library. BIG thanks to Yoshi and Rick for their help!

Favorites Insert (v.1.2)
Adding and removing groups of Favorites

Widon’t (v.1.0)
Eliminates widows in your post titles by inserting a non-breaking space between the last two words of a title. Ported from the Wordpress plugin by Shaun Inman.

breadcrumb (v.0.1.2)
Show all ancestor categories (breadcrumb trail) of a given category.

Favorites Tag Insert (v.1.0)
Adding and removing groups of Favorites

XHTML (v.1.0)
XHTML Typography Plugin

Browser Sniff (v.1.0)
Allows you to find browser name and version.

Feed Enclosures (v.1.0.2)
Finds enclosure links and adds them to an RSS or Atom Feed

SAEF Calendar (v.1.1)
Adds the ability to use the js calendar on the frontend.

FeedGrab (v.0.7.3)
Allows you to extract data from an RSS feed and insert it into a weblog

Add YUI stuff (v..01)
Easy use of some of the YUI functions. For more details of YUI see

Gallery Categoree


Category Expander (v.1.0 [EE 1.6])
expanding menu based on categories and subcategories

Fetch Current URI (v.1.0.2)
Fetch current URI of page being viewed and render to page

Catagory Lister 2 (v.1.02 - 10/26/2005)
Make a more configurable catagory listing.

Filesizer (v.0.34)
Filesize n stuff

Magpie RSS Parser (v.1.3.4)
Retrieves and Parses RSS/Atom Feeds

Category Offset (v.1.0.1)
Offset output of categories via exp:weblog:categories style=“linear” or split them into columns.

Filter_HTML (v.1.0)
The Filter HTML plug-in filters the string of characters that occurs between its opening and closing tags.

Category Parent NoLinks (v.1.0)
Removes links from parent categories in a nested {exp:weblog:categories}-list.

Flashplugin (v.1.0 - 20040522)
A clean and easy way to add Flash to a site

Category Parent Style (v.1.0)
Applies custom CSS-class to categories that have subcategories using {exp:weblog:categories}

Flickr_tools (v.1.0)
Grab images from your Flickr account

Classee (v.1.0)
Add classes to a list of items

FLV Player Plugin (v.3.0)
Insert flash video files (FLV)

Clean (v.1.0)
Clean plugin

Footnotes (v.0.3)
Automates the creation of footnote anchor links

Clean Paginate (v.0.1)
More Flexable Pagination

For_loop (v.1.0)
Provides loop functionality in templates

Clean up after tinyMCE (v.1.00)
Tries to tidy up any incorrect or nested tags from tinyMCE wysiwyg editor

Foreech (v.0.2)
Iterate over a set of elements

Clear Entry Views (v.1.0)
Clears entry views

Form_Helper (v.1.9)
Various functions to help with creating a stand-alone edit form for weblog entries

Clear Template Hits (v.1.0)
Clears template hits

Format Link (v.1)
Ensure www links have http prepended

Comment HTML Formatting Buttons (v.1.2.1)
This plugin creates a set of HTML formatting buttons for use with the comment form.

Forumpoll (v.1.1)
Display forum polls in regular templates.

Comment Leaders (v.1.1 - 5/29/04)
Displays comment leaders

Gallery Category Breadcrumbs (v.1.0.0)
Creates category breadcrumbs for the Photo Gallery

Cookie (v.1.0)
Stores and retrieves custom cookies

GeeVar (v.1.0.3)
Manage global variables via the publish/edit interface.

LG Replace (v.1.0.0)

CoolLocation (v.1.4.3)
GeoCoding and Mapping Plug-ins for Yahoo and Google Maps

Gmail (v.1.1)
Retrieves unread Gmail emails

List Maker (v.1.0)
Creates ordered and unordered HTML lists

Count Time (v.1.0.1)
Tells how much time has elapsed or is upcoming to an entry or comment’s posting date.

Google Mini (v.1.0)
Get search results from a Google Mini

EE Countdown (v.1.2)
Counts down to a certain date

HTML Stripper (v.1.0.1)
Removes HTML code from text

ExpressionEngine Cron (v.1.0.2)
Allows the regular, scheduled calling of plugins and modules

EE Gravatar (v.1.4)
Inserts a Gravatar pic if available.

Retrieve Blacklist (v.1.0)
Cron based blacklist utility

Character Limiter (v.1.0)
Permits you to limit the number of characters in some text

Clean Cache Directories (v.1.0)
Cron based cache cleaner

Image_up_form (v.1.0)
Mods for the SAEF to implement a simple image upload

Database Backup (v.1.0)
Cron based database backup utility

Image Sizer (v.1.6.8)
Image Resizer - resizes and caches images

Send Email (v.1.0)
Cron based email sending

Intranet (v.0.02)
Performs a check to see if the user has one of a range of IP addresses

CSS Switcher (v.1.0.1)
Allows switching of the CSS file for a page

Is Author? (v.1.0)
Shows or hides information based on whether the logged in member is the author of an entry

CSVee (v.1.1)
Turn sql query output into a downloadable CSV file.

It’s new (v.1.0)
Returns or supresses the enclosed text based on age of entry.

LiveJournal Format (v.1.0)
Converts LiveJournal specific tags into HTML

Custom Text (v.0.3.0)
Displays text from language files.

Decode pMcode (v.1.0)
Decodes pMcode in text

DynoCat (v.1.0)
A dynamic version of the {exp:weblog:categories} tag

Romaji to Kana Translator (v.0.91)
Translates Western Romaji text to Japanese Hiragana and Katakana scripts

Localized Text (v.0.2.0)
Returns text localized in any language.

Easy Stock Quote (v.Beta 1.1)
Adds a stock quote feed from Yahoo Financials

1337 (v.1.0)
Translates text into 1337-speak

Login_redirect (v.1.0)
Set Login Redirect location using a cookie

Amazon ECS PHP5 (v.1.0 10/15/2004)
Uses Amazon ECS and needs PHP5

LG Access (v.1.0.0)
Restricts access to your templates to specific members or groups

Edit Comments (v.1.0.3)
Allows One To Edit Comments Via AJAX

EE Typography (v.1.1)
Invokes EE’s typography parsing on the content. You can set the type of formatting for the text, whether HTML is allowed, whether URLs and email
addresses are automatically linked, and whether URLs to images are displayed as an image. The plugin will also process file upload variables such as “”.

Eexcerpt (v.1.0)
Permits you to limit the number of words in some text. After stripping tags.

LG Latest EE (v.1.0.1)
Checks your current EE Version against the latest ExpressionEngine version

LG Template Info (v.1.0.0)
Displays template and template group info about the main rendered template

Links Mentioned (v.2.0)
Extract links from your entries.

LogMeIn (v.1.1)
Logs a specified user in

Logout Redirect (v.1.0)
Configurable User Logout Redirection Paths

Maximum Posts Reached (v.1.0)
Restrict how many entries a user or member group has access to post

MB Style Letters (v.1.0)
Apply a span class to certain letters in a string

MB Style Words (v.1.0)
Find certain words in a given string and apply a css class to them!

Member details (v.1.0)
Gets a defined bit of member information. Is limited to all non-custom fields.

Member Visit (v.1.0)
Returns a given string if accessed by a member

Meta Words (v.0.5.1_rc)
Extracts keywords from currently displayed page

MP3info (v.1.0)
Extracts MP3 header information.

navTrail (v.0.8)
Give users a bread crumb trail and visual location clues

Neat Link (v.1.0.2)
Create corrected link from given text

NetFlix (v.1.1)
Retrieves Queue of Specified NetFlix Account

New page title (v.0.1)
Returns an image for a page title with appropriate HTML.

Nice date (v.1.0)
Displays a nice date

Nice Weblog Categories (v.1.0)
Creates nicely formatted weblog cats

No Follow (v.1.0)
Gives links the rel=“nofollow” attribute

No Formatting (v.1.0)
Applies no formatting to text!

Now Playing (v.0.5)

Number Format (v.1.1)
Exposes PHP’s number_format() function via EE tags.

On This Day (v.3.0)
Displays entries that were made on the current date, but different years.

OPML Parser (v.1.0)
Permits you parse an OPML file and show its contents as a lit of links.

Ordinal Day (v.1.0)
Returns the English ordinal for the day of a given timestamp

VG Pagenumber (v.1.0)
Display current page number

Pages - Crumbs (v.1.1.3)
Bread Crumbs for EE Pages

Pages Menu (v.1.2.2)
Returns a menu of pages created with the Pages module

Pages - Nested Menu (v.1.1.8)
Nested List of Pages

Simple Pagination (v.1.1)
A simple means of paginating weblog entries without using multiple fields.

Parse URL (v.1.1.1)
Parses URL in a string and returns only certain parts

It’s your Birthday (v.1.2.2)
Displays members who have a birthday on that day and/or month.

Member Info (v.1.0)
Retrieve info from any member field based on member_id

PDF Render (v.1.0)
Renders a styled PDF file out of text placed between the plugin tags.

PHP Text Format (v.1.0)
Formats text in places normal HTML and CSS formating will not work.

PHPStringFun (v.1.0)
Fun with strings! A gateway to the PHP string functions without using PHP in a template

Plugin List (v.1.0)
Allows you to show a simple list your installed plugins.

Pretty PHP (v.1.0)
Displays colorized PHP source code

Protect Dollar Sign (v.1.0)
Protects dollar signs in variables so they can be used in PHP on Output

Random Image Display, Plus! (v.2.1)
Random image display with a few optional parameters.

Randomizer (v.1.0)
Allows you to show random text, such as quotes, on your site.

Randomizer Plus (v.1.02)
Allows you to show random text in your template.

Random Lorem (v.1.0)
Provides configurable random lorem-ipsum text when it is required to fill in the text placeholders differently.

Random Sticky (v.1.0)
Makes a random entry sticky every X minutes.

Read File (v.1.0)
Allows simple external file reading for inclusion in a template

Rearview (v.v1.1)
Checks if there are reverse relationships for this entry, if so returns tagdata. Useful if you want to display a header but have PHP on input

Recent Trackbacks (v.1.0)
Shows the # entries with the latest trackbacks in your blog.

Recently Commented Entries (v.3.3.2)
Shows the # entries with the latest comments in your blog.

Redirect (v.1.0)
Redirects to a new location based on system’s preferred method

Redirect To (v.1.0.0)
Redirect to a given location

Reeposition (v.1.3)
Move Stuff from Here to There

Find and Replace (v.1.3)
Finds and replaces characters in some text, like the php str_replace() function

Replace String (v.1.0)
replaces tag with associated string

Retrieve Blogs (v.1.0)
Ability to display all or a few of your blogs

Retrieve Statuses (v.1.0)
Show all statuses in a weblog tag without writing them all in by hand!

RSS Enclosures (v.1.1.1)
Searches for Enclosures and Creates Elements in RSS 2.0 Feed

Scripturizer (v.1.0)
Link scripture references to ESV at Good News Publisher or Bible Gateway.

Search Hilighter (v.1.2.1)
Will Hilight Search Terms for incoming search

Search Marker (v.1.0)
Highlights search terms on an EE search results page

Search Term (v.1.0_beta)
Show the search term on the results page aswell as optimise excerpt text to highlight them in context. EE, googleised!

Send Tweet (v.1.0)
Sends messages to Twitter

SEO Gadget (v.1.3.3)
This plugin analyzes the referrer data stored in exp_referrers and displays search phrases, search engines, keywords and rankings.

Session Variables (v.1.0)
Allows you to store session variables

Share This! (v.1.1.0)
Creates a layer with different links to link/blog aggregators like digg, technorati, etc.

IMG tag modifier (v.0.1)
Allows modification of img tags in entries

Show Build Number (v.1.0)
Show the current build number

ShowFormatting (v.1.0)
Displays help in using pMCode formatting.

Sibleengs (v.0.8.1)
Fetch information about an entry’s siblings.

Simple Math (v.1.0)
Computes basic mathematical functions on passed, comma-separated values

Since Last Visit (v.1.0.1)
Attempts to point out various actions that have happened since a visitor’s last visit to your site.

SizePlus (v.1.0)
Get image size plus a few extras.

SL DateModify (v.1.0.0)
Modifies a date using the PHP date_modify method

Sliced Typography (v.0.9)
This Plugin allows the user to circumvent XHTML formatting on a per case basis by surrounding portions of an entry with {slice}{/slice} tags.

Sliced Typography (v.0.9)
This Plugin allows the user to circumvent XHTML formatting on a per case basis by surrounding portions of an entry with {slice}{/slice} tags.

Smarty Pants (v.1.0)
SmartyPants translates plain ASCII punctuation into яПНsmartяПН typographic punctuation HTML entities.

Snippets (v.1.0)
Raw inclusion of another templates contents.

Spam Me Not (v.1.0.3 - 20070915)
Obfuscates email in a way still works when Javascript is disabled.

Special Day (v.1.3)
Displays special text or an image and associated URL depending on the day or date.

SplitAndWrap (v.1.0)
Splits a string based on a delimiter and enables you to wrap code around the returned elements.

StripLinebreaks (v.1.0)
Strips any new lines and carriage returns from the text between its tags.

Strip (v.1.0.3)
Strip paragraph tags from surrounding content.

SAEFDesc (v.1.0)
Get the description for a form field for your SAEF from the DB.

Subcategories (v.Beta 2)
Show a list of subcategories for a given category.

Tag Limit (v.1.3.1)
Permits you to limit the number of HTML tags to show, such as p or img. It includes a word limiter.

Template Edit Date (v.1.0)
Tells you the edit date of a template

Technorati (v.1.0)
Retrieves List of Incoming Links from Technorati

Template Files (v.1.1)
Export/Import template files

Template Language (v.0.1.0)
Change language localization settings from within templates.

Textile (v.2.0.0 r2670)
A Humane Web Text Generator

Textnest (v.1.0)
Transforms an unordered nested list produced by {exp:weblog:categories} into pure text indented with   or other chars.

Time of Day (v.1.0)
Creates friendly post times such as “early morning” instead of “08:58 AM.”

Timesince (v.1.0)
Tells you how long ago a comment or entry was made in english

Top Authors (v.1.0)
Display a list of authors with the most entries.

Trimmer (v.1.0.2)
Cuts X characters from the beginning and / or the end of a given text.

truetime (v.1.0)
Provides formatted date & time data from NIST (

TruncHTML (v.1.2.1)
Truncates HTML/Text to the specified number of characters. Does not count characters in HTML-tags, does not cut-off in the middle of tags, closes all open tags.

Quicktimeplugin (v.1.0 - 20040522)
A clean and easy way to add Quicktime movies to a site

Twitter Timeline (v.1.0.2)
Allows you to display information from Twitter timelines

URL Safe (v.1.0.2 - 20070109)
Makes a string url safe. Or the reverse.

Va_custom_member (v.2.0)
Allows single tag access to the custom member profile fields; category/custom member field integretion and category name to category id translation

vCal Encode (v.1.0)
Permits you to strip html tags and encodes linebreaks in text

WeatherIcon (v.1.0)
Shows Current Weather Conditions by querying the NOAA website.

Weighted Categories (v.1.1g)
Displays a weighted list of categories

Who’s Online (v.1.0)
Creates a configurable list of who is online, with supporting member info.

Wiki Table of Contents (v.1.0)
Adds a Table of Contents to your Wiki articles

Wimpy MP3 Player (v.1.0)
An MP3 player jukebox

Word Limiter (v.1.0)
Permits you to limit the number of words in some text

Word Limiter Plus (v.1.0)
Permits you to limit the number of words in some text

Word Safe (v.1.2.2)
Keeps words from being over a certain length

World Weather (v.1.1)
Displays weather conditions on your site

XML Encode (v.1.2)
XML Encoding plugin.

Yearly Archives (v.1.11)
For displaying yearly archives

Excerpt (v.1.0.3)
Highlight search terms in context. EE, Googleised!

Extract URL Plus (v.2.0.1)
Extract a URL, and get information about it.

PHP Markdown Extra (v.1.1.2)
Markdown is a text-to-HTML filter

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